African-Style Compromise

A solo exhibition by Effo Muguanzo

6 July – 16 August 2023

Union House
25 Commercial Street, Cape Town

Sixty years after its independence, the DRC is one of the poorest countries in the world; its poverty rooted in neo-colonial plundering post-independence, dictatorships and war.

In this body of work, Munguanzo imagines a new world, free from patronising rulers; by paying close attention to the lives of ordinary people in the aftermath of such ‘African-style compromise’.

The artist employs his trademark use of polypropylene woven sack bags – frequently used as baggage by migrants and traders moving across borders within Africa – in the making of his sculptures, to comment on the situation on the ground in his land of birth.

In his work, he incorporates a variety of prominent recognised elements of African visual culture as metaphor to express his thoughts regarding the continued plundering of natural resources from this resource-rich country.

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