30 x 3400 x 250 mm

Viola Greyling

Many South African citizens can relate to the sense of displacement since most of the current generation does not know how to position themselves within this ‘new’ South Africa. In my artworks, I use water and clouds as a metaphor to portray the feeling of anxiety and dislocation. In the series of paintings ‘There is no place like home’ the various fragments of my tangled identity are formed through layers of brushstrokes that create disjointed, multidimensional collaged images. Furthermore, I utilise handmade ceramic vases covered in multiple pictorial narratives to underscore the fact that we create and fashion our own personhoods. While I use photographs from my family history, none of the people are recognizable, which enables the viewer to connect with the artworks. Yet, even though the public is invited to participate in the artwork, these series of images and objects remain a deeply personal reflection and cathartic exploration of my own complicated and confused sense of being South African. (2018)

Now I further my ceramic exploration to involve the actual surface of the clay body by applying textures, from packaging materials.  (2019)