El Mundo Duro (Old Man World)

Stoneware clay, clear glaze
230 x 270 x 140 mm

About the artwork

Doherty is fascinated by identity and place, particularly the continued impact of landscape and culture on individuation. Raised in South Africa and Britain, Doherty speaks of “the  peculiar effect” it had of “planting a different landscape in my head – green hills and daffodils – from the one I physically inhabited – red earth and drought”. Doherty draws from a rich reservoir of images and memories created by this dual consciousness. “Narrative-driven, lyrical and figurative, my work draws on the past and is inspired by traditional ceramic forms while engaging with current issues.”

Helen Doherty

Helen Doherty is particularly interested in the relationship between identity and place. Particularly, the role that our specific cultures plays in who we become as adults. Doherty grew up in both South Africa and Britain, and receiving a British education in both places, had the interesting effect of planting a different landscape in Doherty’s head that the one she physically inhabited. A landscape of green hills and daffodils, in contrast to her surroundings which consisted of red earth and droughts.

Doherty’s experience growing up has provided her with a rich reservoir of memories and images that she could draw on. Ceramic art, which is rooted in cultural practice and identity, has allowed her to explore her own dual consciousness.